Moving forward

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Gary Washburn offers a bit of perspective after the Celtics blowout. The win was huge in the path toward recovery, but in the grand scheme of things it was small progress in a bigger picture.

This is not a game where we can say the Celtics are back, or that the Celtics have everything straight. This is a small step in an entire process that will last for the rest of the regular season

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In an effort to show that the Celtics weren’t the only team trying to find a sense of urgency, Doc Rivers read his team a newspaper article about a team that showed all the same symptoms the Celtics had displayed in the past few weeks. His players thought Rivers was reading a story from the local press. He was actually reading from the Los Angeles times. It was a story about the Lakers.

They were stung the other night, but also I warned them going into tonight: just because you want to fix it if things don’t start out right, you can’t hang your head or panic about it. And it actually did start out in some ways like the other night; we got three or four great shots to start the game, none went down. The difference was we hung in there and we got some stops. And then we got on a run.

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The effects of Wednesday night’s loss to Memphis resonated with the Celtics for the next few days. The morning before blowing out Indiana, the team had a sit down, discussing what happened and where they’d go from there.

I think the best thing about this team since I’ve been here is that we’ve all been able to talk to one another and critique each other and be positive and get results out of it. It wasn’t just about the talking, I think what we talked about we actually did tonight. I think we played with 200 percent more energy tonight than obviously the other night.

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