Updates from Celtics-Cavaliers

Final Cavaliers 104-93
The Celtics go 7:09 without a point and of course can’t comeback as they lose once again to an elite team. Ray Allen finishes with 20 points while LeBron James drops 30 on the C’s and Anderson Varejao adds 17 points and 10 rebounds.

Fourth quarter, 1:11 Cavaliers 104-93
LeBron James has 30 points and had some choice words for the Celtics after completing a three-point play. The Celtics had no response.

Fourth quarter, 3:03 Cavaliers 97-83
Cavaliers keep missing free throws and Celtics keep missing shots, so this one looks over. Another uneven performance from the C’s.

Fourth quarter, 4:54 Cavaliers 91-80
After going 7:09 without a point, Celtics score 8 points in 2:02 and at least are trying to make it respectable.


Fourth quarter, 7:14 Cavaliers 89-72
Celtics haven’t scored since the 2:05 mark of the third quarter, meaning that is 6 minutes, 51 seconds without a point. Another disappearing act for the Celtics. Where is Tommy Lee Jones to find the Celtics heart?

Fourth quarter, 8:56 Cavaliers 80-72
The bench is killing the Celtics, especially Rasheed Wallace, who is 1 for 8 from the field, mostly short jumpers and has five points in 16 minutes. The Cavs are slowly choking the life out of the Celtics and they have yet to score in the first 3:04 of the fourth quarter.

End of third quarter, Cavaliers 80-72
Cleveland ends quarter on 12-4 run thanks to LeBron James and Leon Powe getting to the free-throw line. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are a combined 7 for 20 from the field while the bench is 5 for 19 from the field.

Third quarter, 53.9 Cavaliers 78-72
Cavs go on an 8-0 run after Celtics tie it and the offense has stopped producing, yet they are remain within striking distance.

Third quarter, 3:49 Cavaliers 72-68
The Celtics are drawing closer with solid defense and consecutive 3-pointers by Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. LeBron James has 15 points on 5-for-10 shooting while Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo each has 14 points.

Third quarter,10:02 Cavaliers 55-52
Celtics start off with two quick buckets until LeBron James hits a free throw. James goes to the bucket again but is scraped in the face by Kevin Garnett and the Cavs call an injury timeout.


Halftime, Cavaliers 54-48
Celtics caught a break when Paul Pierce was fouled before he launched a 3-pointer at the buzzer and was given three free throws. He and Ray Allen are a combined 3 for 14 from the field with 11 points add Rasheed Wallace’s 1 for 4 and 0 for 2 by Marquis Daniels and Nate Robinson and the Celtics are lucky to be so close. Anderson Varejao has 15 points in 15 minutes because the Celtics are focusing so much on doubling LeBron James, that he is allowed to roam freely to the basket.

Halftime stats:

Shooting Percentage: Boston 40.9, Cleveland 46.5
Rebounds: Boston 23, Cleveland 25
Turnovers: Boston 6, Cleveland 5
Free throws: Boston 12-13, Cleveland 9-18
3-pointers: Boston 0-6, Cleveland 5-12

Second quarter, 36.5 Cavaliers 52-45
Because of foul trouble, Shelden Williams enters the game and hits two free throws. Celtics staying close but giving up way too many offensive rebounds.

Second quarter, 4:07 Cavaliers 43-35
The Celtics are just trying to stay close but they have to stop Anderson Varejao’s production. He has 11 points in 11 minutes with four rebounds.

Second quarter, 7:12 Cavaliers 36-29
Boston reserves are in the game trying to hold down the fort but twice no Mo Williams has hit 3-pointers. Didn’t the Celtics learn anything from the second half of the last meeting? J.J. Hickson has 10 points while Kevin Garnett has eight.

End of first quarter, Cavaliers 24-18
Remember when we said LeBron James had not scored? Well he tallies six of Cleveland’s final eight points of the quarter, including a step back 3-pointer after stellar Celtics defense and Boston goes scoreless the final 2:09 of the period.


First quarter, 2:09 Tied at 16
Kevin Garnett gets into exchange with J.J. Hickson and Celtics react with 8-0 run, six by Garnett.Hickson already has eight points from LeBron James hasn’t scored and has taken one shot. That’s not a good sign for the Celtics.

First quarter, 9:29 Cavaliers 9-4
The Celtics have already had three defensive breakdowns, including one that left Antawn Jamison open for a 3-pointer, which of course, he hit with ease. The Celtics have taken two shots to Cleveland’s six.

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