The Road …


It’s tough out there, but for whatever reason the Cetlics have had more success on the road than at the Garden.

The Celtics’ road resume’s actually borderline staggering. 

At Cleveland. At San Antonio. At Oklahoma City. At Orlando. At the Lakers. The list goes on.

They’re two games better in other teams’ gyms  (23-12) than in their own (21-12). Doc Rivers was reluctant to say that that success on the road in the regular season has any carryover in the postseason.


“It doesn’t mean anything,” Rivers said. “I always say that. Nothing means
nothing. We’ve won on the road. We’ve not won at home. You get in the playoffs.
It doesn’t matter. It’s good that we have a veteran group, I think we’ll always
play better on the road. We have great confidence, we have a lot of veterans.”


At least part of the reason for the road record is that their schedule was front loaded with away games. They played 26 games on the road before the All-Star Game. The Celtics were on the road when they righted the ship coming out of the break, beating Sacramento, Los Angeles and Portland. They’ve got two glaring road losses this month — Milwaukee and Cleveland, both playoff teams — but coming out of this trip with two of three would be big.

“It’s momentum man,” said Kevin Garnett. “The road is hostile. You expect the
worst. And I think that’s what it is. Maybe, we’re too comfortable at home.”

Home has been fairly hostile as well. A shower of boos rained on the Celtics as Memphis ran them off the parquet March 10. Ideally, with eight of their last 12 games at the Garden, the Celtics would like to balance the scales.

“We expected to be this good on the road,” Rivers said. “We didn’t expect to
be that bad at home. But there’s nothing we can do about it as far as the home
besides play better, which we’re starting to do. If we continue to play well on
the road this year, then we’re in good shape. 

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