Updates from Celtics-Spurs

Final, Spurs 94-73
Celtics handed their worst loss of the season and it wasn’t close. San Antonio outscored the Boston 50-30 in the second half and looked dominant in the process. Manu Ginobili scored 28 for the Spurs. Paul Pierce had 18 for Boston.

Fourth quarter, 5:35, Spurs 84-67
That’s right sports fans. We haven’t had a point here at TD Garden since the 9:04 mark, and that’s not good for the Celtics, who need points more than the Spurs. The Celtics ran into a buzzsaw tonight and had little response for San Antonio’s defensive effort.

Fourth quarter, 8:26, Spurs 84-67
Celtics score first four points of quarter, hoping to make a run and then Matt Bonner responds with a 3-pointer and the Spurs look like a tough out for any Western Conference team in the first round.


End of third quarter, Spurs 77-60
Wow. Celtics cut the lead to 11 and the Spurs hit two 3-pointers in the last 26.8 of the period for their biggest lead of the game. That may be the difference. Spurs were 13 for 20 from the field in the period with three 3-pointers. Celtics were 5 for 17 and scored just 17 points. Another lousy third quarter.

Third quarter, 2:36, Spurs 66-51
San Antonio is playing playoff-caliber basketball right now. They are executing their offense and stopping the Celtics from doing anything productive on offense. Boston is 3 for 12 in the quarter and 1 for 12 from the 3-point line for the game. San Antonio is 10 for 17 from the field in the quarter.

Third quarter, 6:00, Spurs 58-48
We didn’t not mess up the score. The officials took a 3-pointer away from Rajon Rondo on review and called it a 24-second clock violation, four minutes after the 3-pointer happened. So what was a 7-point game is now a 10-point game four minutes later. Great officiating.

Third quarter, 7:11, Spurs 56-50
The Spurs began the quarter with a 12-3 run and the Celtics have to start playing better defense because San Antonio is executing to a tee and Richard Jefferson has 12 points after a slow start.


Halftime, Spurs 44-43
The Celtics make a 13-4 run before the half in what has become an emotionally charged game. Kevin Garnett took a bad fall after being pushed going for a layup by Manu Ginobili. He rose to his feet and remained in the game. Celtics are shooting 41.5 percent and the Spurs are at 36.8.

Second quarter, 4:02, Spurs 40-37
The Celtics are on a 7-0 run after falling behind 10 points. Manu Ginobili has 16 points for SA while Kevin Garnett has 10 for the Celtics. The Spurs are still shooting under 38 percent.

Second quarter, 8:14, Spurs 28-27
Remember when we said that Richard Jefferson had not scored? Well he has four straight now as the Spurs take the lead. Manu Ginobili has nine points for SA as the Spurs are making a run against the Celtics bench.

End of first quarter, Celtics 23-19
The good news is that the Celtics are leading and Paul Pierce is off to a strong start. The bad news is San Antonio is still hanging around despite shooting 32 percent and getting no points from Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson.

First quarter, 1:31, Celtics 19-17
Celtics are looking strong offensively but the Spurs are keeping pace with Keith Bogans and George Hill, who has combined for 10 points. Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson are scoreless so far. Rasheed Wallace has six rebounds in eight minutes for BOS.

First quarter, 6:03, Tied at 12
The C’s are off to a solid offensive start with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce with 10 combined points, but Ray Allen is 0-for-4. The Spurs have already hit two 3-pointers and Tim Duncan has three rebounds.

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