Gabe Pruitt: Playmaker

A handful of times each season, Doc Rivers hands over the clipboard and lets his players scratch out a few plays.

Yesterday was one of them.


“Some of the plays were doozies,” Rivers said. “Some of them worked.”

In the portion open to the media, Glen Davis could be seen drawing up some Xs & Os for the second unit.

“Glen was the smartest one,” Rivers said. “He drew up one of mine. He knew that way if it worked it got him out of practice … and maybe more minutes.”

There’s some logic behind the otherwise playful exercise, Rivers said. And a former Celtics, who never saw much time on the floor, is part of the reason the casual experiment still exists.


“Players are on the floor and they see stuff,” Rivers said. “Gabe Pruitt (pictured) actually, two years ago, ran something that we still run. It was pretty good. So you never know.”

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