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Free throws were still the topic of conversation the day after the Celtics were outshot by Kevin Durant alone from the stripe. Celtics coach Doc Rivers, however, made the point that he wasn’t concerned with how many shots opponents take compared with how often his team gets to the line.


The Celtics are putting their opponents on the free throw line 26.2 times a night, the ninth highest clip in the league. They’re taking 25.1 a night, the 11th highest average in the league, but in all four games on this homestand, the road team’s gotten to the line more than the Celtics.

Rivers said:

I think they were more aggravated than me. I thought we could have went to the line more, but I thought we could have been a little more aggressive. We took a lot of threes. I think they were complaining more that they thought they were playing good defense on a lot of those and they were fouls. I don’t think about it more any more. I always look at our free throw number not the opponent’s free throw number …

… We have to be more aggressive going to the basket and fouling less. It’s a combination of both of them it’s not just one. We want to get to the line more, but listen, last night we shot 60 percent from the field. When you shoot that high from the field you’re probably not going to get to the line that much because you’re making everything. So you can’t have a lot of complaints offensively about how were we performed last night. But I would have liked to shoot 60 percent and got 30 free throws. That would have been terrific.”

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