Could the NBA Playoffs go ‘Mad’?


The always solid Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel lays out one NBA executives idea about shaking up the NBA playoffs.

Apparently a pregame conversation between Denver’s vice president of basketball operations Mark Warkentien and a couple of the Clippers video coordinators Raman Sposato and Seth Cooper led to the idea of sort of a pre-playoff between the bottom eight teams in each conference.

Robbins writes:

Sposato and Cooper offered an idea: What if each conference held a single-elimination tournament for its bottom eight teams after the regular season to determine its final playoff seed?

Warkentien found the idea so interesting that he submitted it last fall to his fellow members on the NBA competition committee. The proposal addresses an issue that has bedeviled the league for years: How do you make the last month of the regular season worthwhile for fans whose favorite teams only will end up in the draft lottery?

“It would give guys a reason to come back [from injury],” Warkentien said of his proposal. “It gives the guys something to play for. It gives the fans a reason to come to the game rather than watch it on TV. I’m not saying it’s the end-all, be-all in the form we proposed. But that seemed to be a good place to start.”


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