Urgency heightens with Cavs coming in

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The importance of tomorrow’s matchup with the Cavs is obvious. The Celtics have lost three straight, all on their home floor. They’ve lost the past two to Cleveland, being outscored by 21 points in the fourth quarter at home in February and were handed a 21-point loss when they went to the Q last month.


Paul Pierce said, “At this point in the season, especially with the way we’ve been playing right now, to get a win at home against Cleveland, the team with the best record in the NBA, it’s something we can use especially this late in the season going into the playoffs.”

The Cavs, meanwhile are on a joyride, having just clinched the top spot in the East. they can clinch home court throughout the playoffs with a win tomorrow.

“They’re still playing,” Pierce said. “They’re trying to lock up the No. 1 seed throughout all the playoffs. They’ve still got motivation to do that if they want to have homecourt advantage if they make it to the Finals. So I would definitely see them going out there and trying to play and trying to win.”


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Rather than review last night’s game tape and dwell on the mistakes that cost them an overtime loss to the Rockets last night, Celtics coach Doc Rivers decided he would move forward, preparing for the Cavs.


“I didn’t think we needed to go back there,” Rivers said. “I thought we needed to go forward.”

Rivers isn’t a believer in “statement games,” but he said a win over the Cavs is important with the Celtics trying to break even on their homestand.

“It’s important in the fact that we’ve lost three in a row and it’d be great to win a game and it’d be great to beat Cleveland,” Rivers said. “But then after the game it goes back to being another game.”

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