Updates for Celtics-Cavaliers

Final Celtics 117-113
Celtics eke out this one with some clutch play in the final four minutes after sleepwalking through the first eight minutes. Ray Allen finished with 33 points while Kevin Garnett added 19. LeBron James finished with 42 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds. But he also missed all nine 3-point tries and eight free throws.

Fourth quarter, 2.7, Celtics 117-113
Kevin Garnett gets fouled and makes both free throws. So unless the Cavs make a 3-pointer and draw a foul, the Celtics will win. But hold on.

Fourth quarter, 3.2 Celtics 115-113
Perk misses both free throws and LeBron James races the ball up the court and goes for the kill, shooting a 3-pointer that misses. Ball out of bounds to Boston.


Fourth quarter, 10.7 Celtics 115-113
LeBron James misses second of two free throws and Kendrick Perkins gets the rebound, but he gets fouled also. So the Cavs still have a chance unless Perk can hit both.

Fourth quarter, 12.7, Celtics 115-112
Paul Pierce gets fouled and hits one of two free throws, setting up an interesting scenario for Boston. Does it foul? Or allow the Cavs a potential tying 3-pointer?

Fourth quarter, 16.0, Celtics 114-112
The Cavaliers get a break when Tony Allen was called for goaltending on an Anthony Parker 3-point attempt. But Allen makes up for his gaffe with a layup. LeBron James gets fouled and hits one of two free throws, so the Celtics have the ball and guess who is probably going to get fouled? Rajon Rondo.

Fourth quarter, 47.5, Celtics 112-108
After Kevin Garnett hits two free throws. Celtics get a key stop and Ray Allen hits a 3-pointer as the 24-second clock expires, his biggest shot of the season to date. He has 33 points. LeBron James has 40, 18 in the fourth quarter in an MVP performance.

Fourth quarter, 1:38, Cavaliers 108-107
The Celtics gave up the lead and are 2 for 14 in the quarter from the field, a major collapse so far. They are trying to avoid the embarrassment of losing this game and it would be a terrible loss.


Fourth quarter, 3:47, Celtics 103-99
The game is now up for grabs as the Celtics refused to make any plays early in the quarter to put the game away. Kevin Garnett is 1 for 6 from the field in the quarter and it seems no one wants to take a clutch shot. The Celtics just committed a 24-second shot clock violation.

Fourth quarter, 5:54, Celtics 101-93
The Celtics are going to have to win this game and not just cruise. Cleveland is angry after a couple of questionable calls and LeBron is taking the ball to the basket with fury. The Celtics are 1 for 8 in the quarter and have scored 3 points. Will they collapse?

Fourth quarter, 8:43, Celtics 99-85
This is guaranteed to be an interesting postgame session for the media after LeBron James picks up a technical arguing a phantom foul on Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The Celtics have just one free throw in the quarter but are still hanging on. The next four minutes are critical.

End of third quarter, Celtics 98-81
Wow, this place is jumping and emotions are high after a furiously fast and physical third quarter in which the Celtics led by as many as 22 after a slew of technical fouls. Rasheed Wallace then picks up one with 49.9 left in the quarter and the Cavaliers score 3 points on free throws. Ray Allen has 27 points while LeBron James has 22. The Cavaliers have one more run left.

Third quarter, 2:31, Celtics 94-72
Celtics holding on to their large lead and you have to wonder when the Cavs will just pull back the reins and get ready for their next game. Ray Allen leads Boston with 27 points.


Third quarter, 5:48, Celtics 83-62
The game just took a strange turn when Mike Brown was ejected for arguing with official Monty McCutchen and the usually mild mannered coach needed to be restrained. The Celtics cashed in with three free throws in addition to a couple of Ray Allen 3-pointers to extend the lead. Allen has 24 points and four 3-pointers. LeBron James has missed four 3-pointers, four free throws, and has just two rebounds.

Halftime, Celtics 64-49
Lots of fireworks in the final 20 seconds. Cavaliers commit h0ack-a-Perk and Kendrick Perkins hits two free throws. And after a Cleveland turnover, Rajon Rondo scoops up a bouncing inbounds pass with 2.5 left, takes two dribbles and drains a 3-pointer at the buzzer for a 15-point lead. It was one of the better halves of basketball this season but then again, they also have to play the third quarter. So let’s see what happens.

Second quarter, 21.3, Celtics 59-49
Paul Pierce hits a big 3-pointer after Cleveland makes a run to cut the deficit to 5. Pierce has 10 and Ray Allen has 12. Mo Williams has 15 for Cleveland, which is shooting 51 percent.

Second quarter, 5:54, Celtics 47-36
The Celtics are holding on and their passionate drives to the basket are the reason they lead. Cleveland is shooting 52 percent, so it’s not like they are playing badly on offense. LeBron James has 8 points so the explosion is coming.

Second quarter, 8:32, Celtics 42-30
Boston continues to push the ball and has scored 9 fastbreak points. The team is also moving the ball and pounding it in the paint. We need to see this approach more often. Through 15-plus minutes, the Celtics have attempted just three 3-pointers.

End of first quarter, Celtics 33-24
The Celtics are definitely being more aggressive going at the Cleveland big men and it has resulted in six free throws and 10 points for Ray Allen. The Celtics are even winning the rebounding battle, 14-10. LeBron James and Mo Williams each have 8 points for the Cavaliers, who are playing without Shaquille O’Neal and Anderson Varejao.

First quarter, 2:28, Celtics 25-19
Celtics keeping up the fast pace and are shooting 55 percent from the field. Cleveland is not playing badly and have hit 7 of 14 shots but it is not the same without Anderson Varejao. Ray Allen has 9 points but has already taken eight shots.

First quarter, 4:58, Celtics 19-15
Celtics off to a fast start. What else is new? But the good news is Paul Pierce has yet to score. Ray Allen has 7 points and Kendrick Perkins has 6. LeBron James has scored 4 and Mo Williams already has two 3-pointers.

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