Rondo: “I’m playing”


Rajon Rondo rested, got lots of fluids and said he’ll be on the floor for the Celtics playoff opener tonight against the Miami Heat despite a stomach sickness that had him vomiting all Thursday night and Friday morning, keeping him out of yesterday’s practice.

“[My energy’s] going to be different from tonight,” Rondo said, still sounding slightly ill after shootaround this morning. “I still can’t hardly breath much. But it’ll be alright. I haven’t vomited lately.”

His sarcasm was still at full-strength. Asked for a percentage health-wise, he said, “20.7”

Rondo averaged 20 points and 11 assists in three regular season games against Miami. He’ll play a key role in disrupting Heat star Dwyane Wade if healthy. Tony Allen is Plan B should Rondo find himself too sick to compete, but the all-star point guard ensured, “I’m playing.”

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