The playoffs are about matchups

Ray Allen doesn’t watch television. He acknowledged his teammates might. And some of those channel-surfing Celtics may have stumbled upon programming in which someone, somewhere, said Boston didn’t have a chance against Cleveland.

“Nobody believed in us,” said Allen. “Nobody thought we would be here based on the questions that we’ve been asked every day. In order to do something great you have to look around the locker room. It’s up to the guys that are in here. We weren’t going to look outside of it for any answers. We had all the answers.”

Allen said the Celtics haven’t talked about any slights against their team, but the team knows just the same.


“Everybody knows that they have to focus on,” said Allen. “We’re not looking for anybody to toot our horn.”

The Celtics are the underdogs in this series based on seeding (No. 4 vs. No. 1), but Allen said seeding is far less important when the playoffs come around.

“The playoffs are all about matchups,” said Allen, “When you find a matchup you have to roll with it, regardless of what the seed is.”

The Bulls, for example, were a bad matchup for the Celtics last season, according to Allen. But the Celtics do match up well with the Cavaliers, at least through the first two games. Rajon Rondo is dominating the point guard matchup with Mo Williams. Kevin Garnett seems to have the edge on Antawn Jamison at power forward. And LeBron James, an obvious matchup advantage for Cleveland, has been limited by an elbow injury.

The Celtics took homecourt advantage away from the Cavaliers with a win in Clevland in Game 2, but Allen said the Celtics are not resting on their laurels.

“Our jobs still remain to be done because we still want to do more,” said Allen.

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