A Fix-it Day

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And after it was all over LeBron James invited the Celtics in for pancakes.

In the aftermath of their Game 3 blowout loss to Cleveland, the Celtics used today to regroup.


The Celtics went into Game 3 feeling like a machine. They came out of the 29-point blowout loss needing repairs. Their defense had been mangled, their offense stalled out, and they had to stop and gather themselves in time for Game 4 Sunday.

“Last night you could pretty much point at anything as the problem,” said Kevin Garnett. “So today was more of a fix-it day.”

But where to start. The Cavs shot nearly 60 percent, holding the Celtics to 42.7 percent. LeBron James showed off with Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting courtside. And it added up to the Celtics’ worst home loss in playoff history.

The easiest way to deal with it is to completely erase it from the memory banks.

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“You kind of let that game go away,” Kendrick Perkins said. “You kind of move on. You can’t live in the past. The good thing about it is we’ve got a chance to tie it up 2-2 going back to Cleveland. So I fee like it’s a must win for us tomorrow.”


Another way is to look on the bright side. Celtics coach Doc Rivers told the team that in any series, the closest it can be after three games is two games to one.

“It happens, and it happened last night,” Rivers said. “You hate it, especially when it’s at home … We’ve got to show up and win tomorrow and it’s back to even.”

That said, losing the way they did was tough to swallow.

“A lot of guys were disappointed,” said Perkins. “A lot of guys didn’t sleep last night. I was one of them. So it’s no pep talks at this point in time. Either you want it or you don’t.”

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