Celtics-Cavs Game 4 reaction

— Cavaliers coach Mike Brown on Rajon Rondo’s 18 rebounds:

“He’s got a great nose for the basketball. All of his rebounds aren’t necessarily ones that come right off the rim; if they’re long and they hit that ground and you stand and watch, he’s coming up with them because he’s extremely quick to the ball, he’s got a terrific nose for the ball. So you can’t ever stop playing when he’s out on the floor.”

— Brown on the aggressiveness of LeBron James:

“He was obviously more aggressive in the second half than in the first. You know, I have not talked to him. You’ll have to talk to him and ask him what is mindset was throughout the course of the game.”

— James on the playing time of Shaquille O’Neal:

“First of all Shaq played extremely well and I was kind of surprised not to see him back on the floor the whole fourth quarter.”

— James on possibly taking a turn at guarding Rajon Rondo:

“I mean I would, I would love to. It’s something that we may should explore because Rondo is definitely dominating this series at the point guard position. For me, I don’t have a problem taking Rondo or guarding Rondo throughout the course of the game. If the coaching staff or the guys want me to do it I will.”

— Rondo on the MVP chants he heard at the free-throw line in the fourth quarter:

“That’s cool. The MVP is over with. But the fans were great.”

— Rondo on his spectacular pass to Tony Allen with 1:07 left in the third quarter. Allen finished off a dunk and Rondo avoided getting blocked by LeBron James.

“He’s always chasing me down. He’s had a lot of top ten plays and blocks on my layups, so I knew on that situation. I think what they try to do is Mo [Williams] tries to run the guard down and slow him up and that enables LeBron to get his timing together. I knew exactly on that play he was coming, I saw it out of the corner of my eye when I started to break, Baby made a great pass. I told the guys in the huddle to continue to run with me because they were trying to block my shot in the first half and I wasn’t converting and I would get the ball to the rim and they were able to get the offensive rebound. On that particular play I knew LeBron was coming, I had to sell it as if I was going to lay it up and he jumped and I made the pass and Tony finished the play.”


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