Cavaliers relaxed? That’s an understatement

Give credit to the Cavaliers. If they’re feeling the pressure of this moment, they certainly aren’t showing it.

“We’ve always been a relaxed team,” said LeBron James. “But we understand that this is a huge game.”

While James spoke, a group of Cavs that included Delonte West and J.J. Hickson formed a makeshift drum line (think Red Sox bullpen), thumping away on the wooden benches that make up the visitors’ lockers. It was hard to hear James above the drumming and the music blaring from several sets of headphones. LeBron seemed almost annoyed.

But the team was having fun.


“Our group is predominantly a loose group,” said Cavaliers coach Mike Brown. “So it’s good to see. Hopefully it will carry over to the game tonight.”

— Brown said his rotation likely wouldn’t change much from Game 5, but he did say he’d like to find more minutes for Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

“I thought Z played a solid game for us,” said Brown. “We’ve got to keep finding minutes for him.”

Ilgauskas, for what it’s worth, was absolutely deadly in pregame warm-ups. He’s an exceptional shooter in general, but for a guy his size, forget about it.

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