Rivers: It was a defensive game

Assorted quotes from Celtics coach Doc Rivers:

“It was a defensive game. We like those.”

— On guarding Dwight Howard

“Kendrick, Rasheed, and Baby. I thought all three of them — we are leaving them on an island [with Dwight Howard], so that’s very difficult. Rasheed was phenomenal defensively tonight, and he’s been good in the playoffs for us. That’s what we wanted when we signed him.”

— On his team’s defensive improvement during the playoffs:

“It’s tough to work on your defense when you don’t ave a lot of practice, and it’s tough to work on your defense when you only have eight guys to practice. Everybody’s healthy, everybody’s focused… We had it in us.”

— On whether or not it’s good that the Celtics poked a hole in the Magic’s “aura of invincibility”:

“It can’t hurt us, but it might help them too. I know us, if we had won that many in a row — anybody who covered our team — we haven’t handled that well at all.”


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