Game 2 reaction

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Assorted reaction following the Celtics’ 95-92 win over the Orlando Magic Tuesday night:

— Dwight Howard on being down 2-0:

“You know what, it’s not shocking. We just have to come back and win the first game up in Boston. That’s the only thing on our minds. My thing is putting this game out of our head and just keep telling my teammates to believe. Believe we’re going to win. Just because we’re down 2-0 doesn’t mean this series is over with.”

— Kevin Garnett:

“We are doing it with guts and pure grit. We are playing defense for 48 minutes. All in all it is the defense. We are coming down and we are very talkative. Communication is very loud out there. We are in a hostile environment and we are playing sound basketball.”

— Kendrick Perkins on fouling out:

“We have a deep bench so if I have six fouls and if I need to use them, then I am going to use them. Dwight had a great game tonight and bounced back from whatever was going on with him.

— Ray Allen:

“This is a pretty unique situation and is probably the first that I have been in to go on the road and take care of business. We have been a good road team all year but we have to carry this over to the home court.”

— J.J. Redick on whether or not it’s encouraging that the Magic haven’t played their best basketball yet:

“I am not encouraged by anything. The bottom line is wins and losses. We have until Saturday to figure out how to get a win, and then we have to execute a lot better.”


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