Rondo’s hustle play

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Assorted reaction to Rajon Rondo’s diving steal and lay-up at the 8:34 mark in the second quarter. The play gave the Celtics a 36-17 lead:

— Ray Allen: “It was probably one of the toughest plays defensively I’ve seen in my career. Its one thing to have the ball and make something miraculous happen, but not having the ball and making some miraculous happen, then score with it, that was awesome.”


— Doc Rivers: “If that doesn’t give your whole team energy, nothing will. I don’t know if it bumped our energy; we were pretty high at the time. I didn’t think he could get to it. It was him and Jason Williams. He’s thinking, I got a chance with my speed. But it was just an unbelievable play. I don’t think Jason Williams thought he could get to it, honestly. That’s probably why he got it. I don’t know how he got it. It was a great play. I think it’s great for our whole team to see that.”

— Tony Allen: “Here’s a guy that dives for a loose ball, gets up, and finishes the layup. And he also had options. But he took advantage of which one he wanted to take. That’s Rajon Rondo.”

— Magic coach Stan Van Gundy: “I thought there were several in the first half hustle plays like that that all went their way. They were a step ahead of us on every play. I thought they worked harder than we did. I thought they out-competed us. And I think that play was just one of the plays you could point to was indicative of what was going on.”


— Glen Davis: “That’s huge, where he’s from, he’s from Mars, he’s a different player. For him to show the energy like that, we feed off things like that, so I tip my hat off to Rondo.”

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