Rivers impressed with focus

Doc Rivers smartly dodged a question about whether or not the Celtics are responsible for making teams like the Cavaliers and Magic look so bad this postseason. It’s a hot topic today with the Celtics on the verge of potentially sweeping Orlando and with Cleveland firing coach Mike Brown earlier today.

“I’ll let everyone else decide that, I just try to stay focused on us” said Rivers. “It would be great if it was us, but I can’t answer that.”

While not commenting on the lack of focus of other teams, Rivers did praise the focus of his own team.


“I don’t know what’s been different [about the playoffs],” said Rivers. “The fact is that they do have great focus. I think they see what they have a chance to do and I think that gives them a sense of urgency. Honestly in the playoffs, if you don’t have urgency in the playoffs I don’t know when you’re going to have it. I think our guys get that right now.”

Rivers said it was important for the Celtics to start off well tonight.

“I think it’s the first quarter of any game,” said Rivers. “Get yourselves comfortable, try to knock the other team on their heels. I think we put emphasis on that throughout the playoffs. But obviously in a close-out game, it means that if the team that has a chance to close out is up in the first quarter, they’re focusing on basketball and not thinking about results.”

— Celtics guard Tony Allen said he injured his ankle during Game 2. He was limited to 18 minutes in Game 3.

“I think it definitely effected him in Game 3,” said Rivers. “He didn’t practice that whole time off. But he’s feeling better. It has healed.”

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