Van Gundy’s team loose

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy isn’t letting the pressure of an elimination game get to him, ending his pregame press conference with a joke. Van Gundy was asked about Doc Rivers resting his players during the regular season so the Celtics could rest up for what has been a spectacular postseason run.

“If anybody honestly thinks it was Doc’s plan to throw games somewhere during the season, I think they’re full of crap,” said Van Gundy. “But then again most of you guys think I am too.”

On that capper, Van Gundy literally drummed on the table — think bad nightclub sound effect — and ran down the stairs to join his team. In the Orlando locker room, Magic players were no more uptight than they’d been before any of the previous three games. Players sat listening to headphones and joking with each other.


But while his team’s mood is good, the coach cautioned against anyone’s mood translating over to any level of play in Game 4.

“Whenever it is that you get hit [during the game], that’s when the question comes,” said Van Gundy. “Especially when you’re in a situation when you’re down. I think that’s more the issue than even the mentality going into the start.”

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