Game 5: Celtics-Magic reaction

Assorted reaction following Boston’s loss to the Orlando Magic in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday night:

— Doc Rivers on whether the Magic have stolen the momentum:

“Yeah, they really have. They stole the game in Boston, which we had a chance to close out but didn’t do it. Tonight they were the better team. They played better than us tonight. We make no excuses. I thought we came to play. I thought the first half was competitive, and it just got away from us with all the fouls and the technicals and the injuries. I thought we got a little sidetracked on that. I do think the team that’s been the most physical has won the games. I thought it was us for the first three, and I think it’s been Orlando for the last two.”

— Rivers on Dwight Howard knocking several Celtics players out of the game with injuries:

: “Yeah, I didn’t know that was legal, but anyway, he did. But listen, he’s a physical guy. We know that, and he should be. That is his gift. Honestly, that’s his gift. So he’s doing what he should do, and we’ve just got to do a better job of taking the hits, I guess, you know.

— Stan Van Gundy on Kendrick Perkins’s two technical fouls:

“I don’t call technical fouls, so I don’t have any I don’t have any thoughts. I didn’t think Dwight deserved the flagrant foul from the last game. I didn’t think Matt Barnes deserved the flagrant foul they gave to him against Kevin Garnett. So we all have things we don’t like.”

— Jameer Nelson on whether Orlando has the momentum:

“I think, I mean, yeah. Of course, the momentum was back in our favor because we won the last two games … . At this point we believe we can win the series, but we have to stay humble and keep our focus and realize why we won these last two games and continue to do that and force them to make changes like we’ve been doing.

–Dwight Howard:

“After we got down 3 0, it was like either we’re going to give in or we’re going to keep fighting. I think everybody just made a commitment from that night on that we’re going to just go hard and believe in each other and trust.”


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