Celtics mood unchanged after loss

LOS ANGELES — Still reeling from losing to the Los Angeles Lakers last night, Paul Pierce and the Celtics prepped for Game 2 at the Staples Center with a mind on bettering themselves and knocking the Lakers down a peg.

“You know, we’re playing for a championship here,” said Paul Pierce getting a little feisty. “The loss definitely inspires us, but just being in the NBA Finals should inspire us. We don’t need anything to inspire us at this point in the season. It’s the Finals, and we have a spark to go on and try to win a championship.”


Pierce also responded to the team’s alleged “passivity” in Game 1.

“We just weren’t aggressive, and if you want to use the word ‘passive,’ I guess,” he said. “We weren’t aggressive, we were on our heels. So I guess if we were being passive, that’s one way to put it.”

The team had a film session before the game, which didn’t go over so well, said Kendrick Perkins.

“You know, to be honest, the way that game went last night, if they wouldn’t have had (Andrew) Bynum, they still would’ve won,” Perkins said.

All around, the Celtics were unabashedly remorse about the loss, mixed with what seemed to be hurt pride. Giving up 100 points didn’t sit well with the team yesterday night, and sleeping it off didn’t seem to help.

Kevin Garnett, who is tasked with the others in the front court in slowing down the Lakers’ triple towers, practically pledged to ramp up the Celtics’ aggressiveness. Asked about handling Pau Gasol and Gasol’s comments, he deftly passed on the opportunity.

“This is not a one-on-one situation between me and Pau,” Garnett said. “This is Lakers vs. Celtics.

“I have no comments for his comments.”


The Celtics are practicing tomorrow at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo, Calif. We’ll have updates from there.

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