Allen breezes through questions


If there’s anything Ray Allen hates more than missing 13 shots in an NBA Finals game it’s talking about missing 13 shots in an NBA Finals game. The media availability on offdays between games can have players talking for up to half an hour, answering the same questions.

Allen made sure his answers were as brief as possible.

“It’s great to just have one day [off],” Allen said in response to one question.

Allen said he took a knee to the thigh in Game 3, but when asked whether the injury impacted his shooting, Allen’s answer was even more brief: he smiled and didn’t give one.


“Defense is defense,” said Allen. “It’s one thing if you’re missing wide open shots. I looked at the film and saw most of the shots that I took, and they were shots that I made before, shots that I make. A couple of them didn’t make it to the rim.”

When asked about Doc Rivers’ assessment that Allen didn’t have his legs under him, Allen said, “I don’t question it. I just move forward.”

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