Celtics-Lakers Game 4 reaction

Assorted reaction following the Celtics’ 96-89 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 4 of the 2010 NBA Finals:

— Phil Jackson on the energy of Glen Davis:

“No, I don’t want to talk about that.”

— Davis on Jackson’s no-comment:

“I don’t have no comment, either. If Phil Jackson don’t have no comment, then I don’t have no comment. (Laughter).

— Davis on whether or not he was drooling after his three-point play in the fourth quarter:

“Let me tell you something right quick. When you’re in the moment, you’re in the moment. If I slobber, snot, spit, please excuse me. Kids, don’t do that. Have manners and things like that. Sorry about that. Did I catch you with some?”

— Doc Rivers on the play of his bench:

“Well, it was just their energy. Glen [Davis] was fantastic. Posted him a couple times. But it was just their whole energy. I thought we were lacking that in that one stretch, and they came in. Tony Allen was phenomenal tonight with his energy, Baby was phenomenal, Rasheed [Wallace] was unbelievable. I thought the entire bench unit with Ray [Allen], they were great. They kept the game simple for the most part. Unfortunately it’s probably our most emotional group when you have Nate [Robinson], Tony, and Rasheed on the floor at the same time. So the [technical fouls] happen. That’s the only thing we didn’t like. We have a no fourth-quarter tech rule, which was blown out of the water today. But other than that I thought our energy was absolutely terrific.”

— Nate Robinson on his relationship with Davis:

“We’re like Shrek and Donkey. You can’t separate us.”

— Jackson on Kobe Bryant:

“He was tired. You know, physically I thought he had to work too hard in the course of the game, and he couldn’t finish it out the way he wanted to finish it out. That’s part of what happened. I thought the matchups in the game kind of dictated those terms, and we’ll have to do something different the next game to get him off the floor and keep him ready for that fourth quarter.”

— Bryant on Jackson’s assesment that Bryant was tired:


— Rivers on Rasheed Wallace guarding Pau Gasol:

“Well, he’s got size and length. Pau is just a great offensive player, and it’s rare that he has to shoot over length. And he’s physical, Rasheed is physical. So if we can keep that body on him, it’s great. For right now it really comes down for Rasheed to how he’s feeling, how his conditioning is working …But yeah, I do like that matchup.”

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