Second chance for reserves

The bench played a significant part in the Celtics’ Game 4 victory, and it is a group that
is making the most of its postseason opportunities.

Coach Doc Rivers was asked if the postseason is like a new opportunity for players like Nate Robinson and Glen Davis. Rivers took the question a step further.

“Well, yeah, probably for all of them,” Rivers said. “We have a hell of a collection on the bench when you think about it. Rasheed, Nate, Baby and Tony, they’ve had their critics, and in some ways they’ve earned that, too. But they just keep plugging along.”


“You know, we call them the emotional group because they are, and on nights when their emotions and the stars and the moons are aligned right, they can be really effective. You know when they play hard and with that much intensity, something is going to happen. And that’s one of my coaches’ lines. We don’t know if it’s good or bad. But something is going to happen when that group comes in the game, and that’s what you fell when you’re putting them in to create action.”

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