Rivers on his future

Celtics coach Doc Rivers had this to say today on whether or not he would stay with the Celtics after this season and whether his decision was any different given the chances to see his children play high school and college sports won’t be there forever:

“There’s always a reason with the kids, so I don’t give a timetable, No. 1,” said Rivers. ” I just kind of get away. I know one thing you can’t do is make a decision a week after a season. Whether you win or lose, you can’t. You just can’t. So you know, usually after Summer League is all over and a couple weeks after that, Danny [Ainge] and I sit down and just do what we do. So far as work, I’m still here. But the kids are always — that’s the issue each year, do you want to see — I’ve got to see them play at some point.”

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