Artest emotional after winning first title

After scoring 20 points and notching five steals in Game 7, Lakers forward Ron Artest let his emotions flow in a jubilant interview with ESPN and in his post-game press conference. Artest thanked his friends and family and then thanked his psychiatrist for helping him relax.

Artest candidly described the critical 3-pointer he hit in the game’s closing moments:

“[Bryant] never passes me the ball and he passed me the ball. Phil didn’t want me to shoot the three. He’s the Zen Master, so he can speak to you and he doesn’t need a microphone. You can hear him in your head, ‘Ron, don’t shoot.’ Whatever. Pow, three. I love the Zen though.”


At the press conference, Artest answered questions as his family stood behind him, and at one point joyously brandished a box of Wheaties cereal. (Video from ESPN).

Artest’s family also sat beside him during an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm (video courtesy ESPN).

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