Rivers unsure Wallace ‘will ever play again’

LOS ANGELES — Rasheed Wallace had 11 points and 8 rebounds starting in place of Kendrick Perkins in Game 7, fouling out late in the fourth quarter. Celtics coach Doc Rivers revealed that Wallace may be considering retirement after playing through assorted injuries this season.

“I don’t know if Rasheed will ever play again,” said Rivers. “I think he is thinking about retiring, and I thought you could see that in his play. He was dying out there. When he got the cramps and the strains, he was just trying to figure out a way of staying on the floor.

“We had to keep subbing him for one minute and two minutes, and I thought the reason we got up early was because of Rasheed Wallace. We got it low in the post, he started scoring, and I thought what happened was late in the game he got tired and had the injuries and we couldn’t go down anymore, and I think that had a huge impact on how we were playing. We had to go away from the post almost because of fatigue. You know, it’s the first time all year that you can actually say at the end of the day we were old at the end of the game because we didn’t have a enough bodies. I thought it hurt us.”


Wallace is scheduled to make $6.79 million in the final year of his contract with the Celtics next season.

“I thought he befuddled Pau [Gasol] in the first half,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said of Wallace. “I was very concerned about the fact that this team was going to have more options without Kendrick Perkins than they would with him on the floor because of Rasheed’s talent and how talented he is. He’s been a very good competitor over the years and I don’t know if he’s going to give the game up or not, but it’s certainly a very fitting way to go out.”

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