Perk to have ACL surgery next Wednesday

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Since the Celtics lost to the Lakers in Game 7 of the Finals 12 days ago, Kendrick Perkins hasn’t watched TV, hasn’t flipped by ESPN. He hasn’t talked to Ray Allen or Paul Pierce. He’s tried not to think too hard about the Celtics’ uncertainty. He also hasn’t had surgery on the kneed he shredded in Game 6.


The to-do list is pretty long. Surgery, though, is at the top. He’s set to go under the knife Wednesday, but the injury may be more serious than he initially thought. At first, it was his understanding that he had torn his MCL and PCL, but before hopping on a boat for the Sunset Harbor Cruise to Benefit the Celtics Shamrock Foundation he told reporters that he had actually torn his ACL. He’s been at the Celtics’ training facility in Waltham nearly every day working with team trainer Ed Lacerte, he said, trying to get his knee as strong as possible before the procedure.

“It feels good,” Perkins said. “I’ve been in trying to strengthen it up before surgery. I’ve been in with Ed doing a lot of leg work and stuff like that, icing it and getting a lot of the swelling down. Just doing a lot of treatment on it before I got to surgery.

“It was my ACL. They told me that waiting a little but would help a lot after the surgery. They said if I wait a few weeks it would help later on. I was hurt at first, to be out so long from the game of basketball, but at the end of the day, it’s something I’ve got to deal with. It’s done. I’ve just got to make sure I rehab it and come back like I’m supposed to.


“I know it’s something that’s got to be taken care of. I feel my hamstrings getting a little tight, and that’s because your knee is not stable. I’ve just got to wait for surgery.”

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