Summer League: The Landry list


The basketball world is a constant convention. The Pacers were leaving the floor after beating the Magic 86-77. The Celtics were walking onto the court. And as the players and coaches passed each other by Marcus Landry crossed paths with Austin Ainge. Landry’s time in Boston was brief — he came over in the trade deadline deal for Nate Robinson and was waived him in April — but while he was here he spent some time playing for Ainge with the Maine Red Claws. Landry shook Ainge’s hand the same way he shook the hands of players he hadn’t seen in forever.


“For him, it was just out of respect,” Landry said. “It’s like a reunion. You come out here to prove yourself and what you can do but at the same time you see guys that you played against and guys that you befriend.”

His shot wasn’t falling on the first day (he went 1 for 7 from the floor with four rebounds and two assists) but between this stint with the Pacers in Orlando and another run his former team the Knicks next week in Las Vegas, he sounds hopeful about finding a place to land.

Talk about where you’re at in the process now, just trying to carve out a spot for yourself.

This situation is great for me. Indiana, they obviously drafted three-man in Paul George, He’s a great player. But I’m just coming in to do what I can. I think I played pretty well today and got some open looks. It’s just a matter of them falling down or not. If they fall down it’s a different story. But for the most part I felt like I played solid defense and solid offense. Except towards the end when I got pushed under the basket. But you know it happens. As far as the process goes, it’s going great. I’m continuing to progress.


What do you want to get out of these next four days, and then next week in Vegas?

Well, I know there’s a lot of teams that are watching in the NBA. My agent told me there’s a lot of teams watching me. So just to show what I’m capable of, show my athleticism, show that I can finish. We’ve still got four more games left. So just showing what I can do. There are a lot of teams watching me, so it’s just my time to show them what I can do.

You’re playing with the Knicks again next week, describe your relationship with them.

It’s great. They gave me my first chance. I went in there and worked hard. They know what I’m capable of doing. So I’m really looking forward to going out to Vegas to play. I’m really excited about that.

Do you still keep up with anybody from the Celtics?

Of course, Nate’s a good friend of mine. Ray Allen, he’s a good friend. We became friends during that process. But all those guys, are really cool. I like those guys a lot.

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