Scalabrine wants to remain in NBA


Although he is an unrestricted free agent, Brian Scalabrine spent his Thursday representing the Celtics in their Feed the Children program, withstanding the heavy storm to give out food at two local community centers.

Scalabrine wants to play in the NBA next season, but offers to remain in the league aren’t overflowing for the affable veteran, prompting Scalabrine to contemplate his immediate future.

“I don’t know what my plans are,” he said outside of Holland Community Center in Dorchester. “I’m just keeping it wide open. I’ve got good offers overseas, but my goal is to play in the States for one more year and see what comes from it.”


Scalabrine, 32, played the entire second half of the season with an ailing right shoulder injured Jan. 7. He underwent surgery last month to clean out particles and remove bone spurs and remains in rehabilitation. Scalabrine struggled with his perimeter shot at times last season and it could have been attributed to the sore shoulder. He shot 32.7 percent from the 3-point line in 53 games.

“Before I could use my right arm (to play defense), it was hard, I had to do everything with my left hand,” he said. “Everybody plays with injuries. I won’t use it as an excuse.”

Scalabrine said he has had some conversations with the Celtics, but the club has been busy retooling its bench and is running out of roster spots.

“The thing you have to realize is I don’t sweat things out of my control,” he said. “I am not doing this (community event) to get signed. I am not feeding children to be signed. I am feeding children because children need to be fed.

“Based on this year, I knew I would have to be patient. If I had to go to Europe and play I will go do Europe and play. My kids are going to go to great schools in Europe and they are going to learn the culture over there and take it as a learning experience and 10 years from now, I am going to call back and say, ‘remember when we lived in Barcelona for three years?'”


But he wants to remain in Boston.

“Is (playing in Europe) what I want to do? No. I want to play for the Celtics,” he said. “I want to keep grinding out. I want to win another championship. I really want to see what Shaq’s like.”

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