Davis kids around at Plummer Home

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Just an endless stream of funny stuff this morning. Glen Davis is notoriously good at these types of functions, partly because he can relate to the kids.

The Plummer Home is a place where boys age 12 to 18 can take refuge and get the care and attention they need. From the age of 8 to about 10, Davis said lived in a group home not much different from the one he visited this morning.

“My past, I went through a lot of ups and downs,” Davis said. “I had to do things that I didn’t want to do as a young kid. Being in a place like this, kind of really helped me, making sure that I used the opportunity of these people helping me and people giving their all for me. I just wanted to make them proud.”


As soon as he hopped out of the SUV, he jumped into action, smiling big and shaking hands. He picked Diarra Pickett out of the crowd to give him a tour of the house. For Pickett, a 16-year-old Salem High student from Dorchester, hanging out with Davis was huge.

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“Because of the area I come from and the things that I’ve been through, this means a lot to me,” Pickett said. “I live in a nice house, nice view, talking to a real basketball player. I didn’t expect to see anything like this two years ago. I didn’t think it would happen. This right here, makes my day.”

They played ping pong, Davis raided the refrigerator, manned the drums, called up people’s girlfriends and of course played some basketball.

Here’s some of the funnier stuff:
Davis devours Ramen noodles:

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Davis inspects the cereal

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