Perk: No choice but to have a chip

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This summer hasn’t been an easy one for Kendrick Perkins. He tore his ACL in Game 6 of the Finals and agonized through the Celtics’ Game 7 loss to the Lakers, leaving the Staples Center with a towel over his head. Then, after having surgery in July, he had no choice but to sit back and watch the Celtics bring in his replacements. First, Jermaine O’Neal then Shaquille O’Neal. The day the Celtics introduced their second O’Neal, team president Danny Ainge said Perkins would have to earn his job back.

When he talked to the Globe, Perkins sounded like he was taking everything in stride. Slam recently caught up with him and admitted he had a chip on his shoulder and also showed some doubt about his future with the Celtics beyond this season.

From Slam Online:

SLAM: So you think it’ll be a little different this coming season?

Well, I mean, we didn’t do nothing spectacular. We got Shaq, we got Delonte [West], we got J.O. [Jermaine O’Neal]. But it ain’t like we signed no young Dwight Howards or anything like that. So if anything we just got older. But we still got a lot of talent. So we got older but we got a lot of talent and a lot of experience, so that’s gonna help us a lot. And a lot of guys with chips on their shoulder, so that’s what’s gonna really help.

SLAM: What about you? When you come back, you gonna have a chip?

KP: I don’t have a choice. I don’t have a choice but to have a chip on my shoulder.

SLAM: It’s been a good couple years in Boston for you. Now your contract runs out soon. What are you thinking?

KP: Well, I’d love to be a Celtic for life, honestly. But, I know this is a business. So we’re gonna see how this year works out and just go from there. But I wouldn’t want to leave Boston; I love my situation. But we just gotta see and go from there, play this year out.


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