Krypto-Nate and Superman

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So imagine this locker room. Glen Davis on one side. Shaquille O’Neal on the other. Nate Robinson in between.


You can picture two guys doing the Dougie and Shaq doing the worm. It makes for a lot of fun, which Robinson has found out already.

I’ve been a Shaq fan since I was a little boy. He’s a real cool guy, somebody I looked up to as a kid. He’s awesome. His locker’s right next to might which is kind of cool. Everyday he comes in with these Superman pajamas on. I’m kind of getting tired of those already. But he’s a real fun guy. He’s one of those kinds of guys you play on a team with where I can always tell my kids I played with one of the all-time greats.

You like to see guys go out with a bang. I know Shaq, he’s got a couple more years in him, but I know if we win a championship this year he’ll probably retire and ride off on his horse. We’ll probably never hear from him again. We tried to go out with a bang with ‘Sheed, and kind of let him down, but this year, we’ve just got to focus.


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