Picking (and rolling) on Shaq

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Doc Rivers is already hearing it from other coaches around the NBA. Apparently there was a conference this past Monday in Chicago for all the NBA’s head coaches. Since the Celtics biggest offseason acquisition was one Shaquille O’Neal, a future Hall of Famer but also a 7-foot bull’s-eye for pick and rolls, Rivers had to take some teasing from his circle of peers.

Rivers knows the pick-and-roll is an issue with Shaq — he tortured O’Neal with it any time he got the chance — now he has to figure out a way to get O’Neal to defend it somehow.

We’ve thought about it every day. It’s not like that goes away. I was just with all the NBA head coaches Monday in Chicago. We had our little thing and every coach said, ‘Hey, you’re going to see a lot of pick-and-rolls this year. So we will and that’s fine. We knew that when we did it and we’re going to try to be the team that solves it.


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