KG shows Erden ‘Celtic Way’

Kevin Garnett spent several post-practice minutes working with Semih Erden on pick and roll defense Monday.

“He helps the ones he likes,” coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett. “Kevin tries to help every ‘big’ that comes in here. If that ‘big’ doesn’t listen to him one time he’ll never speak to him again — literally speak to him. And that has happened a couple times and it has been good for that guy. Those two guys are no longer here and that may be one of the reasons. If you’re not going to listen to Kevin when he’s trying to help you then you’re probably messed up — that but that’s Kevin.


“When you’re talking about the Celtic Way, or whatever that is, just say Kevin Garnett — then you’re probably pretty much there. Because everything he does and says is about the team.

“He didn’t think Semih was showing, his angles were bad, and it was affecting the team (Sunday) night, so that’s what that was about.”

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