Lasme sent home to avoid travel issues

TORONTO — The Celtics sent Stephane Lasme home yesterday in order to avoid any visa-related issues. Lasme’s residency is in his native Gabon.

Rivers said:

It would have been easy to bring him but in exhibition season I don’t want to come through and get stopped with his papers and all that stuff. I don’t need the hour delay. So I just said, just stay back we’ll catch you in Hartford.

The process will be done, but because he’s from a country going to another country you get all this stuff. Semih had all his stuff so we brought him. But I just told our guys if there’s a chance of any issue, stay home. I don’t need the hour-and-a-half sitting on the airplane.

The Celtics were already without Delonte West, who was sent home after the Philadelphia game Tuesday with back spasms. Rivers said tests were done yesterday and when he hears the results he’ll decide whether West will play tomorrow in Hartford.

“Part of it depends on how he feels and part of it [on] what they find,” Rivers said. “But again with him, we have the luxury of the 10 games [suspension]. So we’re going to be very cautious, conservative, because we can be.”


Shaquille O’Neal and Paul Pierce will also sit tonight.

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