Bosh has something to prove

LeBron was LeBron. Dwyane Wade was hurt. So who exactly is Chris Bosh?

It’s way, way too early to pile on Bosh, whose 8 points (3 for 11) and 8 rebounds were underwhelming in Game 1 of the 2010 NBA season.

It’s too early, and yet it makes more sense the more you read between the lines. Before the game, Ray Allen failed to mention Bosh when comparing these Miami Heat to the Celtics’ Big Three in 2007. In giving Paul Pierce a compliment, Shaquille O’Neal said the Celtics captain was every bit as deserving as “the other two over there” in the Miami locker room.


The other two.

James and Wade sat together for their postgame press conferences. Bosh was on his own. If Bosh is not meant to be a third fiddle to those two superstars, the rest of the league — and even his own team — apparently hasn’t gotten the memo.

“How they play, how Dwyane and LeBron play, how me and Paul play, it’s just a different dynamic,” said Allen.

Bosh was left out of that discussion, and he may very well be left out of the conversation of “Miami Heat superstars” as the season progresses. It may be an unfair thing to say about a multiple All-Star who was instrumental in an Olympic gold medal for Team USA, but in the end Bosh will defer to both James and Wade. And he might have to be OK with more low-scoring games as the season goes on.

“It doesn’t matter,” Bosh said after the game. “All I care about is the win. At the end of the day, I’ve averaged a lot of points and nobody really cared. So I’m not really caught up in point average because when I was (scoring), it didn’t matter.”

And without a superstar-level Bosh, just who are these Miami Heat? Plenty of teams have two star players. The Celtics potentially have four, though admittedly none at the current level of a James/Wade. Bosh’s development could impact the entire complexion of this NBA season.

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