Noah-Garnett feud is getting ugly

It doesn’t look like Celtics forward Kevin Garnett and Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah will be spending the holidays together.

During an interview on ESPN Chicago’s “The Waddle & Silvy Show” yesterday (see video embedded above), Noah expressed his dislike for Garnett, his former idol.

“He’s a very mean guy,” Noah said when asked about comments Garnett made to Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva last week. “Where’s the love? None at all. Ugly, too.”

Noah said he was a big fan of Garnett when he was growing up. But not anymore.

“I had his poster in my room,” Noah said. “I used to wear his jersey. And the truth is my rookie year, I was in admiration of this guy, and he kind of shut me down.


Noah, who grew up in France, felt Garnett was tough on him because he was from Europe and a rookie in the league.

“And he was very mean to me my rookie year, and he’s only mean to the young guys and the Euros for some reason. I don’t know why, but that’s who he doesn’t like. He’s not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c’mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet.”

Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge touched on the topic during his weekly interview on sports radio WEEI this afternoon.

“It seems to be the time to pick on Kevin,” Ainge said. “I’m sure Kevin’s enjoying it. I’m sure he’s enjoying every bit of it… I don’t even think this is a story, I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s so boring.”

Noah jokingly said Garnett will not be on his Christmas card list this holiday season.

“Kevin Garnett will not — will not — get a Christmas gift from me,” Noah said. “I don’t like him.”

Last Friday, Noah ripped Garnett after he allegedly provoked him into a technical foul.


“I don’t even want to get into that,” Noah said after the game. “I think … whatever. He is who he is… Just getting upset at his dumb [stuff]. I’m not getting involved in it. It’s stupid. I let his dumb a– cost me $2,000, so I’m the dumb a–.”

Noah also took a shot at Garnett during the playoffs last spring, calling the Celtics forward “a dirty player” for throwing an elbow at Miami’s Quentin Richardson during Game 1 of the Heat-Celtics playoff opener.

“I’m going to say it: He’s a dirty player,” Noah said. “He’s always swinging elbows, man. I’m hurting right now because of an elbow he threw. It’s unbelievable. He’s a dirty player. It’s one thing to be competitive and compete and all that.

“But don’t be a dirty player, man. He’s a dirty player.”

Last week, Villanueva accused Garnett of calling him a “cancer patient” during Detroit’s game against the Celtics.

Garnett denied the allegations and released a statement that he said his comment to Villanueva was, “You are cancerous to your team and our league.”

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