Daniels active, Bradley out

More injury news to report.

Marquis Daniels, who was questionable tonight because of a personal matter, is here and active for tonight’s game. It’ll be interesting to see how many minutes he loses, if any, to Delonte West. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he didn’t have a plan for how to split up the minutes between players.

“I’m just going to watch,” said Rivers. “It’s funny because you usually just have to watch one guy. You watch Shaq every night. And tonight you have to watch Delonte and Marquis. That unit, you just have to watch how they’re functioning together as a group.”


Avery Bradley played 2-on-2 before the game but is not healthy enough to go. He joins Jermaine O’Neal and Luke Harangody as inactives for the Celtics.

“I do think, just watching the limited time that he’s played, that he could be a great defender someday,” said Rivers. “That may not manifest this year. But I do think he has an excellent shot of being that if nothing else, and that’s good.”

  • Will Andray Blatche’s 31-point, 11-rebound game last year against the Celtics provide extra motivation for Kevin Garnett, the man Blatche scored on?

    Rivers had an interesting answer.

    “I’m sure everything sits in that head of his,” said Rivers. “I’m sure that’s just the clutter of one other thing.”

    Rivers went on to say that earlier in the week, someone asked him whether Shaquille O’Neal would be a calming influence on Garnett.

    “That human being has never been invented,” said Rivers. “He’s just an intense human being. He sometimes manufactures things to get upset at a player or something or the other team. It’s a good quality.”

    Rivers was asked if Garnett, known for his intensity, could ever stop and smell the roses.

    “I don’t think you can, really,” said Rivers. “I don’t think any of us do. I think you accept — we enjoy our lives…Guys like Kevin, what makes them great is that they don’t [enjoy it]. They can’t. They don’t let themselves…Patrick Ewing is the best example I can come up with. He was so into the game he didn’t get it at times. Not acknowleding fans. But it’s also what made him great. And I think if the fans had a choice, they’d rather have him be great than the acknowledgment.”

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