Rondo, Robinson on the mend

Nate Robinson (sore left foot) and Rajon Rondo (plantar fasciitis) are not expected to be limited by injury tonight, according to Celtics coach Doc Rivers. Rondo was also dealing with a hamstring injury but has moved past it.

“The hamstring’s healed, but the foot is something that’s always a concern and we just have to watch it,” said Rivers. “Right now it’s not a big concern, honestly. But we just want to make sure it stays that way.”

Rondo’s plantar fasciitis is something that may not go away anytime soon, but if he’s able to play through the pain it might not cause him to miss time. One thing Rivers would like to do is play his starting point guard fewer minutes than his current average of 39.5.


“Rondo’s a guy that we have to lower his minutes,” said Rivers. “There’s no doubt about that. And then I would say the only other guy would be Ray. But Rondo’s are high. Everyone else’s are manageable.”

Robinson’s presence should help that, but Rivers said rookie Avery Bradley was unlikely to provide much relief because he simply isn’t ready yet. The Celtics have not had much practice time.

“I know how you guys love the backup quarterbacks,” said Rivers. “Avery will get his shot eventually, when he’s ready.”

  • The Celtics are off to a great start (8-1) at home this season.

    “We’ve played better,” said Rivers. “Honestly last year I had no idea why we kept losing games. I would say one difference is this year we’ve been able to pull out the close ones at home whereas last year we were not.”

  • Much of the pregame talk focused on the comparisons between Kevin Garnett and Joakim Noah.

    “They’re both very verbal,” said Rivers. “They both play with an amazing amount of energy. Kevin is more to himself off the flow. I don’t think Joakim is that way. They both play hard and for the right reasons.”

    On whether or not their intense play on the court leads to personality clashes off of it, Rivers said, “Hell I wish the whole league was like that every night. That would be teriffic.”

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