Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to TD Garden, where the Boston Celtics will take on the Chicago Bulls at 8p.m.

Brian Scalabrine took his talents to Chicago, but he should get a nice reception tonight anyways. Scalabrine walked into the building a short time ago and was the first player from either team on the court for warm ups. Scalabrine’s former teammate Ray Allen walked out to find Scal already working and made a joke about him not being able to put in for overtime. Allen, of course, is known for being the first player on the court before most games. The two shared a few laughs, with Scalabrine getting shout-outs from just about everyone in the building as he warmed up.


Scal’s return figures to be a nice side story to what should be a very good basketball game. Stay tuned, back with much more in a bit.

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