Eying All-Star, Robinson calls on the 6-feet and under crowd

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Nate Robinson’s hoping a Twitter push will give him a prayer of making the All-Star team.

Rob Mahoney over at the New York Times’ Off The Dribble blog characterizes the All-Star game about as accurately as you could imagine. “It’s part coach-determined meritocracy and part popularity contest. It’s a game that means absolutely nothing, and yet the players are supposed to treat it as genuine competition.” The most competitive part, of course, is the popularity contest, for which players will go to any length to win.

Just last season, Eddie House launched a viral video campaign hoisting up 3-pointers on outdoor courts just to get a nod in the shootout (he was passed over, but Finals MVP Paul Pierce got an invite and won). There was “Send Chris Bosh to New Orleans” in 2007 and Vote4Amare.com in 2008. Now there’s keeplebronout.com


Celebrities can’t stay away either. Since Lamar Odom’s never made an all-star game, Kim Kardashian is making a push for her brother-in-law this year.

You can add Nate Robinson. He launched his own campaign, fully understanding how much of a long shot it is for someone who’s started five games for the Celtics to start for the Eastern Conference.

But he has a cause: short people.

So if you under 6 ft and wanna see someone rep you in the all-star game make sure you vote for me. We got a short people army lol #wordaappless than a minute ago via Echofon

He’s a three-time slam dunk champion and he’s considering going for a fourth straight (he hasn’t won one in a Celtics uniform), but even he gets how far-fetched an all-star bid would be.

“The NBA is gonna want to have a re-count like Florida if y’all get me in this all-star game lol,” he tweeted. “Spread the word.”

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