Final: Hornets 83, Celtics 81

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Final, Hornets 83-81 David West misses a free throw to give the Celtics a chance to tie with a 2-point shot, but the final possesion was out of sync from the start. Ray Allen launched a 21-footer that hit the back of rim. Chris Paul rebounds and smartly fires the ball down the other end of the court as time expires. Hornets end game on a 17-8 run after Cetics go on 18-0 run


Fourth quarter, 21.0, Hornets 82-81 Hornets ball. The Celtics have scored the last four points on a Paul Pierce runner, a Celtics stop, loose ball foul on Chris Paul and two free throws from Ray Allen. Celtics now need to foul, but they will at least have a chance to tie.

Fourth quarter, 1:34, Hornets 80-77 Hornets cap a 14-4 run with a desperation 3-pointer by Trevor Ariza to beat the shot clock. The Celtics have one field goal in the past five minutes while the Hornets have 5 in that span. Celtics ball.

Fourth quarter, 3:39, Celtics 75-74 The Hornets have awoke and are on an 8-2 run behind two buckets from David West. The Celtics have stopped running and Jermaine O’Neal has missed two of four free throws. He still has eight points and five rebounds while Ray Allen leads the Celtics wit 16 points.

Fourth quarter, 6:25, Celtics 73-66 Yeah the score is right. Celtics are on an improbable 18-0 run after consecutive 3-pointers by Ray Allen. New Orleans hasn’t scored since the final minute of the third quarter and are 0-for-9 in the fourth. Allen has 16 points and the past 8 for Boston. Chris Paul has 18 or the Hornets.

Fourth quarter, 10:19, Hornets 66-63 Celtics start the quarter with some defensive intensity and score the first six points, two on a Nate Robinson steal and score. Chris Paul is out of the game so it will be interesting to see how much rest coach Monty Williams gives him. Robinson has nine points and two assists.


End of third quarter, Hornets 66-57 Celtics actually led 47-44 with 8:32 left in the quarter and then couldn’t stop the pick-and-roll. The combination of Emeka Okafor and Chris Paul have 36 points on 16-for-24 shooting while David West has 12 Paul Pierce and Shaquille O’Neal each have 10 but it’s been a putrid offensive day for Boston.

Third quarter, 1:00 Hornets 64-55 The Celtics can do nothng with the combination of Chrs Paul and Emeka Okafor and the Hornets are on a 20-6 run to take control of the game. The Celtics can do little right offensively and Glen Davis is 4-for-12 from the field in his first start.

Third quarter, 7:44, Celtics 47-46 Both teams are taking turns being bad and this time it’s the Celtics who are struggling. They have had a hard time running a consistent offense all day while Chris Paul has been the lone threat for New Orleans with 15 points. Shaquille O’Neal is the lone Celtic in double figures with 10 points.

Halftime, Celtics 39-37 The two teams are going back and forth and this one may go down to the final minutes. The Celtics are shooting 42 percent and are 1-for-10 from the 3-point line. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen ae a combined 3-for-9 while David West and Chris Paul have teamed for 17.

Second quarter, 3:14, Tied at 35 The Celtics are misfiring from the field and the Hornets are turning those misses into fastbreak layups. Chris Paul leads the Hornets with nine points. Marquis Daniels has six for the Celtics.


Second quarter, 6:09, Celtics 32-27 Marquis Daniels has sparkled an 8-2 run with four straight points and a steal. The Celtics are playing fine defense, holding the Hornets to 38 percent shooting. Daniels leads the Celtics with six points while Paul Pierc has five points and five rebounds.

Second quarter, 8:08, Celtics 26-25 The Celtics are winning this one with defense as they are making a conerted effort to block shots. Paul Pierce and Nate Robinson each have scored five points while Chris Paul leads the Hornets with seven.

End of first quarter, Hornets 23-19 New Orleans ends the quarter on an 8-2 run and the Celtics are back to their bumbling ways. This game will be a grind because Nate Robinson is struggling running the offense. Chris Paul has seven points and Emeka Okafor has six.

First quarter, 3:49, Celtics 13-10 Boston is beginning to play with some passion and is on a 6-0 run after a slow start. Still, the Celtic already have six turnovers to just three assists. Chris Paul has been quiet with two points in seven minutes.

First quarter, 8:26, Hornets 6-5 The Celtics are starting off slow and have attempted four shots with three turnovers. Nate Robinson’s matchup with Chris Paul will be difficult.

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