D. West working with one good hand


Right now, Delonte West’s basketball-related activities essentially amount to one-handed floaters. Even though he had his cast removed earlier this week, doctors have told him not to even touch a basketball with his right hand for at least another week.

“I can’t pick up weights or anything heavy,” he said. “Just movements and anything natural.”

Five games after returning to the lineup following a 10-game suspension, West broke his wrist, requiring surgery Nov. 30. The pain’s gone away, he said, but at this point the injury is still restrictive. Next week, he hopes to be able to get back to lifting and doing things with his right (non-shooting) hand.


“I’m in the right mind frame,” West said. “I’m conditioning as much as I can with the left hand with the basketball. But I can’t force the stiffness out of it or the movement.

He works out four times a day he, soaking the wrist, going through different movements and stretches, and working out the scar tissue, but he doesn’t eye a return for few weeks.

“That’s all I can do is do the treatments that they gave me,” West said. “My conditioning’s there. My body’s there, it’s just you can’t force it. You can try as much as you want to work out the stiffness, but it’s only time. It’s just a waiting game for me. Each day it’s loosening up more and more,” he said. “But I’m still a few weeks away.”

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