KG practices, JO has MRI

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Kevin Garnett participated in half of the Celtics’ practice today, meanwhile Jermaine O’Neal is considering what might need to be done to heal his swollen left knee.

Kevin Garnett participated in more than half of the Celtics’ practice today in Waltham, and even though he moved well and his conditioning looked strong after missing eight games, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he would likely keep Garnett out of tomorrow night’s game against Charlotte.

“He’s not playing tomorrow. But he looked pretty good. Actually, besides his movement and stuff, I thought his wind was really good. I want to see him another practice, but he’s getting close. There were a couple of times where I wanted him off the floor and he stayed on the floor, he did all the pick and rolls defense live. We went up-and-down and he did all that live.

Meanwhile, after missing last night’s win over the Sacramento Kings, Jermaine O’Neal had an MRI done yesterday to examine the swelling in his surgically repaired right knee. The results were unclear as of practice, but there is possibility that O’Neal could require surgery.


“Honestly, I think my guess is that they’re going to have to do something,” Rivers said. “I don’t know I’m just using my doctorate right now. My guess is they’ll probably have to do something.”

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