Video: Doc Rivers talks about the different coaching challenges in the NBA, NFL, and MLB

Celtics coach Doc Rivers spent a few minutes with the Globe’s Bob Ryan for an episode of Globe 10.0 and talked about how the difference in the number of games in the NBA, vs. the NFL and major league baseball, affects how a team prepares for the playoffs.

“When you have that much time, can you imagine if we had a Game 7, and instead of playing it the next day, whenever there’s a Game 7, they say ‘OK we’re going to wait a week and we’ll play that game,’ how unbelievable, as far as preparation for the coaches, it would be,” Rivers said when talking about the week break between NFL playoff games vs. the NBA. “It may not be fun for the fans because there may not be scoring in the game, but it would be great. Having a week after each game, in football, to prepare.”


Check out more coaching insights from Doc in the video above.

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