Final: Celtics 86, Pistons 82

Final, Celtics, 86-82: Celtics force a runner by Ben Gordon that misses because of good defense (Gordon thought he was fouled) and Glen Davis sinks a free throw to clinch a difficult win. Celtics end the game on an 8-0 run.

Fourth quarter, 16.6, Celtics, 85-82: The Celtics force a miss by Rodney Stuckey and Kevin Garnett makes one of two free throws. Remember folks, Celtics have a foul to give.

Fourth quarter, 24.5, Celtics, 84-82: Ray Allen drains a 2-pointer (after an overrule by the officials) to give the Celtics the lead for the first time in what seems like a month.


Fourth quarter, 31.8, Tied at 82: 19 seconds left on the shot clock for the Celtics, who have been shoddy at best offensively with 18 turnovers. Let’s see if they have a good possession out of a timeout.

Fourth quarter, 1:28, Pistons, 82-80: Pistons employ Hack-a-Shaq and it works as the big man misses two free throws, but the Celtics have the ball with a chance to tie. Detroit has brought its A game. This has to be one of the Pistons’ best performances of the season.

Fourth quarter, 3:24, Tied at 78: Celtics playing with more energy but they need to get stops. The key is Detroit being out of fouls while the Celtics still have one to give. Shaquille O’Neal has been mammoth with 12 points and 12 rebounds.

Fourth quarter, 5:23, Pistons, 75-73: Detroit goes on an 8-0 run after the Celtics tied it and the Celtics respond with a 6-0 run, 4 of those points by Shaq. The Pistons are out of fouls, so look for the Celtics to attack the basket. Paul Pierce has 20 for Boston while Rodney Stuckey has 15 and Tayshaun Prince 13 for the Pistons.

Fourth quarter, 8:48, Pistons, 70-67: The Celtics tied the game twice but Charlie Villanueva responded with a 3-pointer and Will Bynum is about to shoot two free throws. The Celtics are using Semih Erden and Nate Robinson to spark a rally while Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce sit on the bench.


End of third quarter, Pistons, 61-58: Detroit isn’t going anywhere. The Pistons have played a good game but the Celtics made a mini run before the end of the quarter and have a chance to make another push when Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett return. The duo is 4 for 16 from the field with 11 points. Rajon Rondo has more rebounds (7) than assists (4).

Third quarter, 2:29, Pistons, 58-55: Celtics have scored the last 5 points and are trying to generate some energy. Their run will be without Marquis Daniels, who is out with a sprained left ankle. Paul Pierce has 18 points and the next-highest Celtic has 6. They are shooting 39 percent with 13 turnovers.

Third quarter, 5:15, Pistons, 56-50: No way around this one so far, the Pistons have outplayed the Celtics, who are making silly turnovers and going with too much 1-on-1 play. Rajon Rondo has just three assists in 24 minutes. Rodney Stuckey has 15 points for Detroit.

Halftime, Pistons, 45-42: Detroit ends the half on a 19-9 run and the Celtics don’t look very interested so far, especially Rajon Rondo, who has two assists in 17 minutes. The Pistons are shooting 51 percent from the field and have received 12 points from Rodney Stuckey,

Second quarter, 2:26, Pistons, 43-40: Detroit is on a 17-7 run, sparked by 5 points from Charlie Villanueva and two layups from Tayshaun Prince. This Detroit team has issues but there is talent here and the Pistons are shooting nearly 55 percent. Doc Rivers can’t be happy about that.

Second quarter, 5:32, Celtics, 33-31: Boston built a 7-point lead briefly but the Pistons have rallied for 5 straight points, including a 3-pointer by Charlie Villanueva that drew boos. Kevin Garnett went right at Villanueva in their first matchup, missing a bank shot. Garnett is 1 for 5 fom the field for 2 points.


Second quarter, 8:30, Celtics, 30-26: Glen Davis is beginning to assert himself offensively in the second quarter against the weak defense of Charlie Villanueva. Davis has 6 points and four rebounds and is going to the basket. Marquis Daniels, meanwhile, headed back to the locker room with an injury. We’ll update as soon as we know anything.

End of first quarter, Tied at 22: The Celtics are flat so far, shooting 44 percent from the field but getting little production from Shaquille O’Neal, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett (a combined 4 points). Paul Pierce leads Boston with 9 while Greg Monroe has 9 for Detroit.

First quarter, 2:07, Pistons, 20-19: The Celtics are having a difficult time containing rookie Greg Monroe, who already has 9 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 trips to the line. The Celtics have two free throw attempts. Paul Pierce has 7 points but Ray Allen just headed to the bench with his second foul, both on Monroe.

First quarter, 7:00, Celtics, 12-10: Paul Pierce has 4 points and the Celtics are getting an early challenge from the Pistons. Rodney Stuckey already has 6 for Detroit.

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