Final: Mavericks 101, Celtics 97

Final, Mavericks 101-97: Celtics don’t score for the final 2:43 and Rajon Rondo’s alley-oop to Kevin Garnett was too high in the final 2.5 and the Celtics lose for the 12th time. Dallas ends the game on a 10-0 run, the key bucket a 3-pointer by Jason Kidd with 2.5 left.

Fourth quarter, 2.5, Mavericks 99-97: Celtics knock the ball away from Dirk Nowitzki but he recovers, passes to Jason Kidd, who waits for a Celtic to fly past him and drains his second 3-pointer of the game. Celtics ball.

Fourth quarter, 15.3, Celtics 97-96: Dallas ball. Kevin Garnett just rimmed out a 19-footer after Ray Allen missed a 3-pointer on the previous possession. Celtics haven’t scored since the 2:24 mark. They need a stop to win.


Fourth quarter, 1:24, Celtics 97-94: The Celtics are wasting chances to put the game away and the Mavericks are wasting chances to get closer. Dallas airballed two consecutive 3-point attempts while the Celtics missed a jumper and then committed a turnover.

Fourth quarter, 4:36, Celtics 92-89: Ray Allen gets a huge block on Tyson Chandler and Kendick Perkins tips in a Rajon Rondo miss for his 11th points and 10th rebound and the Celtics are trying to hang on. Dirk Nowitzki has just two points in the quarter.

Fourth quarter, 5:59, Celtics 90-89: The Celtics briefly led 88-83 but the Mavericks stormed back. These two teams are very alike in they never panic when they’re behind. Shawn Marion is Matrix-like with 13 points and eight rebounds off the bench. Marquis Daniels has 10 in 14 minutes.

Fourth quarter, 8:46, Tied at 83: This has all the makings of a classic finish as the teams are going back and forth. neither unable to gain any sizeable margin. Dirk Nowitzki has been all-star caliber with 24 points while Ray Allen has 21.

End of third quarter, Tied at 77: The Celtics led by as many as six but the Mavericks used six straight points from Dirk Nowitzki to even the game. Nowitzki has 22 points, 14 in the quarter. Ray Allen has 21 and Rajon Rondo eight points and seven assists.


Third quarter, 3:49, Celtics 73-69: The Celtics are on an 18-6 run thanks to inspired play from Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, who seemed to change the tone of the game with a technical foul. Allen has 17 and two 3-pointers and Garnett has 14 points and four rebounds. Dirk Nowitzki has 16 for Dallas.

Third quarter, 7:43, Mavericks 66-63: Dirk Nowitzki scored seven straight points to give the Mavericks an 8-point lead but the Celtics have battled back. Kevin Garnett picked up a technical foul for a mixup with Jose Barea, who fouled him to prevent a dunk.

Halftime, Mavericks 54-51: The Celtics played better in the second quarter but the Mavericks still have the advantage after shooting 56 percent and hitting six 3-pointers. Four Mavericks have at least eight points and Jose Barea leads with 11. Kevin Garnett has 12 points while Kendrick Perkins has four points and six rebounds.

Second quarter, 2:25, Mavericks 50-47: The Celtics are playing better but still can’t get over the hump. They are still shooting 61 percent but can’t string together buckets and defensive stops. Dirk Nowitzki still only has four points.

Second quarter, 6:10, Mavericks 45-42: The bench has played well and the Celtics are shooting nearly 65 percent but they need to increase their defensive intensity. Jose Barea leads the Mavericks with 11 points while Kevin Garnett has 12 points and one rebound.

Second quarter, 8:40, Mavericks 41-36: The bench is sparking the Celtics in the second period but the key to retaking the lead will be to get stops. The Celtics aren’t getting any consistent defensive stands so far. Dallas is still shooting 63 percent. The Celtics are at 68 but the difference is 3-pointers.


End of first quarter, Mavericks 34-27: This game looks eerily similar to last year’s game when the Mavericks ran away from the Celtics. Dallas shot 66.7 percent in the first quarter and canned five 3-pointers. The Celtics converted 68.4 but had no 3-pointers. Doc Rivers can’t be happy with the Celtics defense.

First quarter, 1:37, Mavericks 28-22: Dallas is blazing from the 3-point like, having hit 5 of 6 so far and Jose Barea has nine points while DeShawn Stevenson has six. Kevin Garnett already has 12 points but the Celtics are trailing because they don’t have any 3-pointers.

First quarter, 5:31, Celtics 16-14: The Mavericks are off to a hot start with former Northeastern standout Jose Barea having scored five points. Kevin Garnett has eight points and the Celtics have hit eight of their first 12 shots.

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