O’Neal will miss 6-8 weeks after surgery

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After exhausting all his options, Jermaine O’Neal had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Friday and will miss 6-8 weeks.

After the Celtics 101-97 loss to the Mavericks, president of basketball operations Danny Ainge told reporters Jermaine O’Neal had surgery on his left knee and will miss 6-8 weeks. O’Neal had already missed 32 games because of knee issues. The timetable for recovery would mean O’Neal would return with two weeks in the season. In January, after consulting doctors in Miami and New York along with team doctors, O’Neal chose to sit out, hoping the knee would heal and he’d be able to return and play effectively, but the swelling never calmed down. “Even without activity,” Ainge said, “the swelling was there and that’s when he decided to change the course of the game plan.”

He just has some arthritis and some loose particles in there and that was the reason Dr. McKeon wanted to go in there and clean it out. The surgery was performed by Brian McKeon, and it was exactly what he thought and he thought that was the best solution from the beginning. It just took Jermaine a little while to get on board with that. He was hoping that he could make it through the year without getting surgery.”

“Whenever you have arthritis in your knee and there’s bone on bone there’s a long term issue there and this surgery was not anything to fix him long term.”


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