Robinson will play

Nate Robinson (knee) will play this afternoon for the Celtics without any restriction on his minutes, according to Doc Rivers.

“He’s fine,” said Rivers.

Robinson will play, but his presence doesn’t much help the Celtics’ injury situation, particularly at shooting guard and small forward. Rivers said the Celtics need to make some adjustments because they’re shorthanded.

“This is a tough one, honestly,” said Rivers. “Ray or Paul getting into foul trouble with what we have is very difficult right now. We’re not going to change a lot, but we are going to change our defense right now. The fact that we’re going to be in more help, which opens up their shooters. We have to try and protect Paul and Ray from foul trouble. We have no choice in the matter.”


— Rivers was asked if it would be strange coaching an All-Star team that is essentially composed of Heat and Celtics.

“I’ve always been amazed by it,” said Rivers. “Especially when you have guys that don’t like each other. In this case I don’t know if that’s true. But there are certain guys on different teams that don’t like each other, and then they’re in the All-Star Game and you see them laughing and joking, and you know that they’re so freaking phony right now.”

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